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Monsoon Fly Boarding

20 Minutes
Chapora River

Monsoon Season Goa Fly boarding

Monsoon season in Goa is a great time to come and enjoy our watersports. Flyboarding is a relatively new sport, that uses new technology. Wikipedia explains it as 'A Flyboard is a brand of hydroflighting device which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard into the air to perform a sport known as hydroflying.' ( Water is pumped at very high pressure into jets that are attached to your feet and then directed downwards, which causes lift. A lot of lift and it is a skill to control yourself as you hover above the water.

New and exciting.

At Atlantis Waters Sports we are always looking for the lastest new exciting activities to offer you during monsoon season in Goa . This is one of the latest and we are the first to bring this to you in Goa. It is really something not to be missed and another of those 'bucket list' things to have done and experienced. For all those who were trying to figure out the cool stuff Hrithik Roshan was doing in Bang Bang, where he springs out of the water on what looked like a water jetpack, this is it!

Monsoon Season in Goa Fly boarding is on the river

In the Monsoon season Goa, we only offer flyboarding on the river. The sea is too rough at this time for fly boarding as well as many other watersports activities. We operate from Chopdem Jetty on the Chapora river. We also offer other great activities for you to enjoy during the monsoon season.

Safety and Excitement

Your safety is always our priority and we have an amazing team of professional and experienced instructors handling this new water sport. You must be 13 years of age or older to enjoy this activity. This is due to the safety guidelines that we strictly follow.

Information :

  • Accompanying charges: Rs. 800 per person and are entitled to following activities: Speed Boat Cruise, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding Swimming and Sunbathing!
  • What to have with you : Please carry swimwear, T-Shirt and Shorts. Sun cream, hat, sunglasses and Towel.
  • Included: Briefing session with professional instructor. Equipment rental. Safety equipment. Instructor supervised Flyboarding.
  • Environmental Tip : Please help us save the Ocean from pollution and beach litter.


Briefing Session

Upon reaching the location, a Briefing Session is imparted to all participants by our certified and professional instructors.  

Provision of Life jackets

Life Jackets fitted on to you and equipment rental  

Fly boarding Session

Enjoy your session of fly boarding which is supervised by our professional instructors  

Return with memories

Take back memories on photos and videos if applicable/chargeable.  




What qualities do I need to possess in order to do fly boarding?

You must need to know swimming, even if it is basic. You should not mind water on your face because at some point or another you might be immersed in water. You should be okay with heights.

What could keep me from going on this adventure water sport?

If you have a history of heart problems you will be requested not to go on this trip. It is also advisable for pregnant ladies to stay away from this sport.

Is there an age limit to do fly boarding?

There is a minimum age and that is eighteen years, however, there is no maximum age as long as you are fit and healthy.

If I have prescription glasses or I wear contacts, can I do fly boarding?

If you have to wear prescription glasses or contacts then you will have to wear a helmet to protect your face and eyes. It is also advisable to have a strap around your glasses so they stay on your nose.

Do I have to book in advance?

An advance booking is always a good idea. It would ensure that you will get a chance to go on this thrilling ride.


4.9 Excellent Add Review
4.9 Very Good

Water sports have been exciting to me all my life and I easily get high at the very first minute of flyboarding. It is a must try and I assure extreme satisfaction to everyone willing to try. Atlantis water sports has arranged everything pretty decent and reasonable price. Munawar Kareem, Kannur

4.7 Very Good

As a father of two young girls obsessed about superheroes, their christmas gift arrived early on when I impulsively booked the fly boarding on chapora River and kayaking in baga creek experience from Atlantis watersports in calangute. We had just finished our tour of goa from them and I was convinced they are the best bang for the buck in North goa. The safety measures and the kind instructor Aarti left me feeling sure that my little girls will come back and be the most excited kids in the world. And I was right. One almost cried of joy and both of them couldn’t get over the wonderful experience we had flyboarding. It is definitely a must-try experience. The closest we can get to flying like a superman (or supervillain as one of my girls say)

4.8 Very Good

Jaw dropping experience at jaw dropping safety measures and prices. That’s what you get when you try water flyboarding from Atlantis water sports in Goa. Simply the best watersport out there in my opinion! - Utkarsh G

4.7 Very Good

No words can describe things enough about my brag worthy experience trying the monsoon water sports in goa! Atlantis watersports, I can swear by you to be the best service provider out there. Every second of it I enjoyed it so wholeheartedly. The locations chosen, like the Baga creek and the chapora river were also fabulous. North goa is filled with such gem of a location to do great watersports. Everything is worth every penny to carry away a lifetime's worth of experience! - Kajol

4.7 Very Good

Some drool-worthy action in Goa takes place when you try flyboarding on chapora River. Booked it via Atlantis watersports in calangute. Prices were so low I was left shook! My brother and I just went along with it feeling mildly excited. But man, it was soooo wholesome I am still feeling the thrills. Locations are splendid. Definitely recommend Atlantis if you want to try watersports.

4.7 Very Good

A great trip is one that has the best outfits, the best pictures shot in perfect locations sprinkled with some pictures taken about doing some cool stuff. That’s what makes an influencer’s profile desirable. My last trip to Goa was all that and more. I wanted to shoot the monsoon Goa packages which covers the treks and watersports. I went to atlantis watersports because they have top class reviews. But you know what made me feel the same about them? Their customer service. I told them I need professionally shot pictures from this trip, similar to the ‘picture perfect trails’ kind of tours that are famous in Europe and they agreed! Our tour guide sat down with my friend(who is my photographer) and discussed in length about when to go where to get the best pictures. This is my profession and I couldn’t have thanked Atlantis watersports enough for such wholesome support. Apart from that everything about them is absolutely perfect. The bubbly and cool staff, the prices, the locations are just perfect. My poss and videos will probably speak louder about how fun the activities were, the recommendations and things to do. XOXO - Disha Kinhari (Kitty)

4.8 Very Good

Fly boarding on chapora River can be the perfect Instagram worth story that is gonna make everyone jealous. And this gets better when I told my friends the cost of doing it. Everyone were so shocked I got such a good deal they made immediate plans to go to Goa soon. I was able to get the best rates and a very safe experience at atlantis. Atlantis watersports in goa is the destination to go to. - Neerav Singh

4.9 Very Good

You’re gonna be screaming on top of your lungs with joy after trying all the monsoon water sports in goa. They are so cool to try socially in the monsoon time waters! Just amazing. True, the safety issues can be higher because the waters are are little rougher at this time. That is why try the activities only with reputed companies which follow strict safety standards. I highly recommend Atlantis water sports in goa for this. They are renowned professionals and they definitely do their job very well. So set aside your worries and enjoy goa the best with some great watersports! - Patrick Sherma

4.7 Very Good

Unforgettable memories from our monsoon time in goa. Atlantis watersports cannot have done it better. My husband and I booked both the monsoon treks and the watersports. Honestly the best trip in a long time. The flyboarding activity was the best. - Roopali Mehta

4.7 Very Good

Do you want to see your boyfriend/husband get all excited and act like a little child while in goa? Just gift him a ticket to try water flyboarding. It can be pretty safe and if you are wondering about flyboarding price in goa, then atlantis watersports has the best deal. SO get your camera ready and trust me after seeing both my husband and Jiju act the same, I am convinced it is magical on men. - Maithili Das


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