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Monsoon River Rafting

3 Hours
Mhadei River

Monsoon in Goa is full of adventure

If you are planning on coming to Goa during the monsoon you will not want to miss one often most exciting activities that the state has to offer, this is river rafting. During the monsoon, the rivers are in their full swell due to the strong rains. This makes their deal conditions for exciting river rafting. The Mhadei River offers challenging rapids with wild scenery as you navigate the raft down the river.

Action and relaxation

Goa was chosen as ‘the best Indian destination for relaxation’ in 2014 by Lonely Planet. This is especially true during the monsoon. There is something very relaxing about sitting outside listening to the sound of the rain come down. The air is also very pure at this amazing time of year. At Atlantis we offer relaxation and adventure, during monsoon in Goa.

Action on the river

You will be taken to a carefully chosen 6km stretch of the Mhadei River. The stretch is chosen depending on the strength of the rains and the course of the river. Due to the heavy rains the course of the river, the flow of water and the rapids are constantly changing. Your experienced guides choose the best place to give the most exciting, but also the safest river rafting during monsoon in Goa.

The best rafts

We have the best rafts, safety gear and pilots in Goa. The pilots are there to safely navigate the river, without help, of course. You have to paddle and be part of the team in the raft. The pilots choose stretches forever with rapids that are graded between grade 2 and 4. These are from middle to complex rapids. You will travel through channels and over small waves created by the flow and course of the river. The minimum age for river rafting is 12 years of age.

Qualified Instructors

As always at Atlantis Watersports, we only use well trained and qualified instructors who believe in a “safety first” policy. They will make sure that at all stages of the journey that you are safe but still enjoy the full excitement of the river rafting when you come to experience monsoon in Goa.

Information :

  • What to wear : You can wear Swimwear or swimsuit, Shorts and a t-shirt or tights, but not loose clothing like saris or veil. Also wear strap on rainy sandals that will give you a grip when in water.
  • What to bring with you : Please carry your towels and pair of clothes to change.
  • What not to bring : valuables like watches, jewelry or anything you cannot afford to lose during rafting.
  • Included : Jeep Safari till the starting point of the river
  • Included : All Equipment
  • Included : White water rafting with our experienced instructors (7 kms)
  • No included : Lunch and Beverages
  • No included :Photos
  • Months of Operation : June to September
  • Pick up : Drop Can be provided at an Additional Cost.
  • Departure Location : Valpoi



09:30AM – 12:30PM & 02:30PM – 05:30PM 




What is the age group considered for river rafting?

10 to 12 years or above but please check with us on the water levels.

The rapids are on the Mhadei River belong to which class

Class 2 to 3. Ideal for beginners.

What would you advice to carry to the rafting meeting place?

Secure footwear. Not slippers. Suitable clothes to wear on the river. A towel and a change of clothes for after the trip. A little spending money for food photos and videos from the river.

Is there anything in particular I do not have to carry on the river?

Swimwear or swimsuit. Shorts and a t-shirt or tights, but no loose baggy clothing like saris or veils. Salwar Kameez is acceptable but not ideal. The shorter the Kurta the better!

Is it possible to do rafting if I am hydrophobic and cannot swim?

It is advisable on our trips to know how to swim, but if you cannot swim but still want to come rafting then a trip on the Mhadei still may be possible.

While rafting, what are the chances of getting wet?

Yes you will, soaking wet, so don’t bring a rain jacket it will not help.

How fit do I need to be?

Only moderate fitness is required for our Mhadei trip. Nobody over 120 kg will be permitted for safety reasons.

Which health ailments or physical conditions may prevent me from rafting?

No pregnant ladies or people with severe disabilities. But please check with us first. You still may be able to come. Heart patients and people with severe back problems also may be refused. For anything else you can talk to us in advance or email us at

What facilities are available at the meeting place?

We have toilet facilities, changing rooms, car park, and reception area to brief the guests in before departure. The Earthen Pot restaurant is situated in the same location for good food before or after your trip at reasonable rates.

Can I consume alcohol before rafting?

Alcohol and water only mix well in a glass, so strictly not before a rafting trip. You will sign an indemnity bond before departure too to declare you are “Not under the influence”. This is in the interest of safety and at the guides discretion. They know best.

Can I eat before rafting?

Absolutely. No problem at all. As long as you can move afterwards.

How safe is it rafting with Atlantis Water Sports?

The trips are operated by our partner who has had 25 years of river rafting experience all over the world without any major accidents. So we can say, Safer than the Bus!

Are there any extra fees that are applicable at the site?

Not for the rafting trip but if you want a video recording of your trip or to eat lunch before or after or have a drink or snack then bring some extra money.

How do I make payments?

Debit/Credit card in advance or card at office, netbanking Paytm, or cash at the site. (Note! pre paid gets priority for seats.)

How can I confirm a seat for the slot I want?

By paying in advance, you be guaranteed a seat for the slot preferred.

50% refund if cancellation is less than 48 hrs before the trip. No refund if you don’t show up or cancel less than 24 hrs prior to the trip departure. But talk to us. We will try to reschedule if possible.

50% refund if cancellation is less than 48 hrs before the trip. No refund if you don’t show up or cancel less than 24 hrs prior to the trip departure. But talk to us. We will try to reschedule if possible.

Can I go directly to the rafting point and book a seat?

You need to book in advance by way of payment to get a guaranteed place on a trip. You may be able to get place by just turning up but call us first so we can tell you if your journey is going be wasted or not.

You need to book in advance by way of payment to get a guaranteed place on a trip. You may be able to get place by just turning up but call us first so we can tell you if your journey is going be wasted or not.

For rafting the Mhadei river, more rain is better. In fact we only raft when it rains.


4.9 Excellent Add Review
5.0 Very Good

Atlantis Water sports made all the Safety arrangements nicely and their staffs were friendly without them I could not have lived my dream of doing river rafting in Goa. Really, I would repeat this adventure the next time I go to Goa!

5.0 Very Good

always wanted to do river rafting and this time did it in Goa with Atlantis Water sports. The weather was really sexy and the way we navigated through blue waters; it was pure joy. The thrill level was 10 on 10.

5.0 Very Good

The pristine waters, the undulating scenes and the exciting setup; everything was amazing in river rafting with Atlantis Water sports. I could feel every inch of me energetic and refreshed. My cousin and I loved the adventure.

5.0 Very Good

Atlantis Water sports platform is the best when it comes to river rafting. They took us to so many different locations during this thrill and also made sure our complete safety.

5.0 Very Good

I always have heard about so many deadly incidents of River Rafting but on the insistence of my friend, we did this water adventure with Atlantis Water sports. Indeed, they took our safety seriously and the experience was the best of my life.

5.0 Very Good

The moment the river rafting journey with Atlantis Water sports began in Goa, I was too scared. But the staffs were so friendly and the experience turned out to be bliss. We navigated through so many thrilling areas.

4.5 Very Good

Recently I did River Rafting in Goa with Atlantis Water sports and it was a thrilling experience. The weather was pleasant, the safety measures were proper and the excitement level was beyond my expectations. Love the entire experience!

5.0 Very Good

Take us back there We were the group of five students from college. And as any group, Goa trip was mandatory. The trip was made more fun when we decided to go for river rafting near me in Goa. Atlantis Water Sports Goa was the reliable name to satisfy our needs. With the necessary equipment and experienced guides, the fun was doubled. Highly recommended!

5.0 Very Good

For river rafting Goa book I chose Atlantis water sports calangute. I took a great decision because I had too much fun with the river waves and water splashing all over me.

5.0 Very Good

I searched for river rafting near me in Goa and I saw Atlantis water sports have a provision for it. The rain filled river gave me a very exciting experience and I loved the rafting session of mine.


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