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Monsoon Trek to Thamdi Surla

8 Hours
Tambdi Surla Waterfall
8 to 50 Years

Monsoon treks in Goa. Trek to Thamdi Surla

Monsoon treks in Goa are spectacular. When in Goa during the monsoon make sure to go on a Trek. Our to Tambdi Surla Waterfall is the best. This trip is specially made for nature and adventure lovers alike. If the trek doesn’t satisfy you, the adventure activities like Flying Fox (Zip-Lining) and Wall Climbing at Nature’s Nest Goa definitely will.

The trek takes you through some dense foliage (largely untouched) and along high-speed rapids till you reach the awe-inspiring Tambdi Surla Waterfall. Our lavish lunch buffet that includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is sure to re-energise you once you’re done with the trek.

Fish Spa

Another fun activity to help you relax your nerves is the in-house Fish Spa at Nature’s Nest Goa. This is available free of charge. The Fish Spa has become very popular in Goa. You place your feet into a tank with some small fish. The fish will eat the dead skin off your feet and is supposed to be beneficially for the health of your feet.

Zip-Lining and Climbing included in our Monsoon treks in Goa

Zip-Lining and wall climbing are great outdoor activities. The Zip-Line takes you flying through the air attached to a harness, it is very much like flying. The wall climbing has different heights and levels of difficulty.  Both of these activities do have a certain amount of risk attached to them. You must pay careful attention to the trained instructor’s guidelines prior to taking part in them.

Always safety in mind at Atlantis

At Atlantis Watersports we take strong safety measures to ensure our guests have fun in a safe and friendly environment at all times. Our equipment is top-notch and tour packages like this one is what we are known for.

So come down to us this Monsoon treks in Goa that you will remember for a lifetime. We are the best in the business and you are sure to take back memories that will last you a lifetime. Please also take a look at our other monsoon activities on our website.

Information :

  • Trekking Gear are necessary : Trekking shoes are a must (Anti leech socks will be an added advantage..)
  • What to wear : You can wear pants and a t-shirt or tights, but not loose clothing like saris or veil.
  • You can also take any strap on rain sandals that will give you a grip when in water.
  • Please carry a towel and a set of clothes to change into.
  • Do not carry valuables like watches, jewelry or anything you cannot afford to lose during rafting.
  • Included : Breakfast (Kanda Poha & Tea)
  • Included : Guided Trek to Tambdi Surla Waterfall
  • Included : Visit to 13th Century Tambdi Surla Temple*
  • Included : 2 Adventure Activities (Flying fox & Wall Climbing)
  • Included : Lunch: Vegetable Gravy Dish (Beans / chick pea/ Mix vegetables cooked in coconut gravy) Goan vegetable (Locally cultivated leafy vegetables/ fresh beans/ oburgines/ lady finger cooked in Goan style) Goan yellow Dal Traditional Goan fish curry (Coconut curry with tamarind to be eaten with rice) Goan Fish fry (Fish shallow fried with mild spice and semolina) Chicken curry in Goan Style (Chicken Xacuti/ Chicken Vindaloo- mild) Rice Bhakri(Indian Bread) Salad, Papad, Pickle Goan sweet dish (Kheer/ Payasam/ Mangane: sago in sweet coconut milk) Sol kadi- Kokum curry
  • Included : Evening Tea & Rusk
  • PICK UP - DROP Transport (Pick up , Drop & Internal transfer to trek start point) is not included in this package. Can be arranged at additional charge.
  • Months of Operation : June to January
  • Environmental Tip : Please help us save the environment by saying “No” to littering.


Trek Duration

Medium Trek, of 90 mins one way Trek. 


8:00 AM TO 5:30 PM 




What if someone in my group gets injured, or feels unwell?

The tour guide/s carry a first -aid kit with them, at all times. If someone needs more serious attention, they will be escorted to the nearest road ahead. The vehicle on standby will then take them to the emergency room, if needed.

What if someone in the group wants to head back mid-way?

While they will be escorted to the nearest road ahead, and transfer arranged, it is only recommended for emergencies.

Can I carry my own food?

While food and refreshments will be provided by the organiser, you’re welcome to carry your own food. Especially so if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences.


4.8 Excellent Add Review
4.6 Very Good

Tamdi surla is a great trek for family and friends. It is comparatively easy. Start early by 7.00 a.m and you can have a pleasant journey upwards. Although it seems unnecessary, I strongly recommend having a guide to help through the way as getting lost is easy. We booked from Atlantis water sports in goa and they were so interesting to talk to. Very interesting facts and stories were narrated on the way and it was a wonderful journey. We even got to click a picture of a few birds and a leopard in the distance. We were definitely lucky. - Jananika C

4.7 Very Good

Going to thamdi surla was good trekking experience with the friends. We started trekking early morning 5:00 and reached here at 11:30. Scenery and climate was beautiful. Must visit if you like trekking. - Manish

4.8 Very Good

Make your goan trip in monsoon feel all better by including a monsoon tour packages that includes trekking. It is a great way to push yourself if you are not that into watersports during the season. Atlantis watersports has a great trail to follow and the guide is a very comfortable companion. Definitely worth the hike because the top view is to die for! - Shivshankar

4.8 Very Good

The sunrise or the sunset, even during the day a monsoon trek at thamdi surla is one of the top destinations in Goa to visit. We booked it with Atlantic watersports goa. The hike was pretty tiring at first but after we warmed up to him, we got along great with our guide and that helped to completely change our experience! The weather was not too cold or hot, there was a cool breeze that we loved so much! Going to the top is worth all the efforts because the view is breathtaking! - Manikantha

4.8 Very Good

Thamdi surla is one of the most mind-blowing experiences to have amongst the monsoon tourist places in Goa. Atlantic watersports in goa have a great reputation for providing wonderful company and ensuring our safety. So we went along with them and I was not disappointed. Such warm trekking mates they are and they are very patient and encouraging. They both my family and my sister’s family had a different instructor and both of them were a joy to be with. Our daughters have warmed up to them so well, they call them their sisters! And the trek itself is a wonderful journey. WOnderful location to view the scenery from the top. - Bhavana Bhaskar

4.8 Very Good

Monsoon time in goa can be more than just water sports. Atlantis watersports showed us that. My wife and I wanted to try something apart from the watersport hype in Goa. That is when they suggested doing monsoon trekking instead. It has been a life changing experience for my wife and I. Never thought we would both find some activity to do which we both loved, thanks to Atlantis watersports - Karan

4.8 Very Good

Make some time in your schedule to include a trek in thamdi surla because if you don’t you will miss out on a magnificent view Goa has to offer! You can book a monsoon trek with Atlantis water sports in goa. We had a wonderful time with them. - Akanksha

4.7 Very Good

Nice trekking experience in thamdi surla. A very nice place to take candid pictures. Atlantis watersports also arranges for monsoon trek in goa. And they offer great prices for a nice and safe journey. Definitely recommended! - Piyush Jha

4.8 Very Good

most of the people miss trekking in Goa but without trekking, Goa trip will not be complete. From my experience monsoon, trekking to Tambdi was the best I had and it was offered for a budget price by Atlantis water sports in Goa. Avinash Shankar,Tamilnadu

4.7 Very Good

all of a sudden I packed the bags and joined the group for trekking by Atlantis watersports from that moment time went very fast I have made many friends out of that group and the rain causes me fever but that too was a good one. Surya sunny, Punjab


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