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2 Hours
River Sal

Waters Sports in Goa are great in the monsoon. Water Sports Package in South Goa

Monsoon water sports in Goa that we offer at Atlantis include our famous Water Sports Packages. Our Water Sports Package (the best water sports package in goa), is perfect for all those adventure junkies out there, who can never get enough water sports that have those splashing wind in the hair moments. The Atlantis selection of rides will have you sharing unforgettable thrills on the waves, with your friends and loved ones. Each one is an extreme adventure in its own right.

Jet Ski and a Speed Boat ride, Bumper and Banana ride. This has it all.

The Atlantis advanced water sports package is the original Monsoon water sports in Goa, top of the range activities and is just what you need if you are the one hunting for the best value in Goa. It will quench your thirst for water sports and make this your best vacation ever. The fast-paced bumper and banana rides are famous in Goa. Nothing beats the thrill of travelling low on the water, at high speed. Both bumper and banana ride are similar but have their own individual thrill. Book your Monsoon water sports in Goa with us today.

Jet Ski

Another Goan classic adventure is on a Jet Ski. Like riding a motorbike on water, this is really one of the 'must say you have done' water sports activities in Goa. You will ride on the jet ski yourself with an experienced pilot in control.

Speed Boat Ride

As you make your way out to the parasailing location, you will be treated to the full power of a speed boat ride. If you have not experienced this before, you will be surprised. It is not like riding in a car!

Monsoon Water Sports in Goa are the best with Atlantis

We offer extended time on all these activities in the water sports package. This is because we love our customers and we never fail to grab the opportunity, to put that a big wide happy smile on your faces. We know that you have many choices when you are looking to book your monsoon Goa packages, that is why we offer the most excitement at the best price.

Information :

  • Includes : Jet-Ski ride, Speed Boat Ride, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride
  • Children : Children above the age of 12 would be charged full fare.
  • Pick up and Drop Off : Can be provided at an Additional Cost.
  • Months of Operation : June to September
  • Environmental Tip : Please help us save the Ocean from pollution and beach litter.



2 Hours 

Hours of operation

10 am to 5 pm  




What’s the minimum age to rent water sport equipment?

You must be 18 and above (with a valid ID proof) to rent equipment like – Jet skis, surf boards, wind surfs, kayaks, etc., however children below 18 can ride along with instructors.

At what age can a child ride with an adult?

Only children over 50 pounds accompanied with a written permission from their parent/legal guardian are allowed to ride with an adult.

What if I’ve never used a piece of equipment before, is that okay?

Of course, our professional staff caters to beginners and professionals alike. We ensure to make you as comfortable and confident as we can before we send you out on your own.

Is there any particular dress code?

Yes, it is advisable to dress for comfort – Swimming costumes, shorts, or any light drip-n-dry clothing for the water is great. Heavy clothing like jeans & saris are not permitted for safety reasons.

Is a life jacket compulsory?

Yes it is. By Indian law every passenger riding a personal water-vehicle must wear a life-vest.

Can I store my personal belongings with you?

No, you cannot. We advise you to leave your personal belongings either at home or in the car/bike or get it in a water-proof/resistant bag along with you.

Do you take a deposit against equipment damage?

Do you take a deposit against equipment damage?

How does equipment get damaged?

How does equipment get damaged?

What time do I have to be there?

15 min before the start time as given to you at the time of booking.

Can I take part in watersports if I cannot swim?

Yes you can as a life jacket will be provided to you. Kindly, let our staff know prior to engaging in a water sport.

Is there anything in particular I should dress in?

Not really, but we advice you wear comfortable clothes/swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen.

What should I carry on me?

Plenty of drinking water to stay hydrated.

Is it okay to bring my own camera with me?

Yes, it is.

What type of watersports do you provide?

Parasailing, jet skiing, banana ride, bumper ride, boat ride, surf boarding, paddle boarding, body-boarding, parasailing, wind surfing, and kayaking.

Will any food be provided?


Will pictures be clicked by you as part of the package?


How do I book an activity?

You can book an activity by filling up our booking form online or alternatively calling, emailing or physically dropping by our office.

How do I check the availability of an activity?

By getting in touch with us either online or physically.

Can I pay for activity online?

Yes you can, via our website.

Is a PayPal account essential to pay via your website?

No it is not, any debit or credit card will do.

What does ‘riding with operator’ mean and can 3 people be accompanied on one jet ski?

What does ‘riding with operator’ mean and can 3 people be accompanied on one jet ski?

How can I reach the activity location?

Check our website or call/email us for directions.

Do you have a map?

Yes, on our website and alternatively on Google Maps, just search for ‘Atlantis WaterSports Baga’.

Can transport be arranged to pick us up from our hotel?

Yes it can at an additional cost.

Is parasailing a scary activity?

It is more liberating than scary. The takeoff and landing is at a gradual pace with helps calm the nerves.

Is experience required to parasail?

No, it is not.

What are the weight/age limitations, if any?

With the minimum age being 6, everyone under 18 years of age must be present with their parent/guardian or have a written consent instead to be able to use any of our water sport equipment. The combined minimum and maximum weight are subject to our approval depending on the wind conditions, etc. but on an average the minimum and maximum limits are around 160lbs and 450lbs respectively.

Is the take-off/ landing of airborne water sports on water?

No, it is from the boat itself.

Do I ever touch the water?

This is completely left up to you, whatever you decide be sure to let the boat-captain know prior to your ascend.

What should I wear?

Shorts, flip-flops, T’s normally and swimming costumes if you want to get wet.

Could I accompany your customers on the boat just to watch?

Yes, at a cost.

How long is the parasailing for?

It depends on the number of customers booked at that particular time. It can take from 15min to 45min.

Is your company and its personnel fully trained and qualified?

Yes, our company and its personnel are certified by the concerned departments and carry out our activities ethically, professionally and lawfully.

Am I required to make reservations?

No, you do not need to, having said that however you may want to reserve a spot to avoid any unnecessary waiting period.

How many days earlier can I make an advance booking?

5 to 15 days for weekends and 2 to 3 days for weekday. Groups having 12+ members may need to book 2 to 3 weeks in advance.


4.8 Excellent Add Review
4.9 Very Good

when it came to water sports in goa Atlantis water sports in Calangute will be always my pic it is because of the way of conducting activities and customer service they offer. After all, their price was also budget-friendly. Harshit Sundar, Pune

4.7 Very Good

I generally spend my monsoon in goa. This time I came across an ad and saw about the monsoon activities in south goa from atlantis watersports. I really wanted to try some of them and I was so happy when I saw the sports package. I ended up having a thrilling experience. Dhruv

4.7 Very Good

The monsoon water sports in goa was absolute fun. I had my solo holiday in south goa. So I didn’t want to make it less adventurous that is why I approached atlantis watersports. Their service was very good. The guide in every sport also gave clear instructions. Nanda

4.9 Very Good

Water sports in goa with Atlantis water sports in goa was the most enjoyed water sports I had done. There was no delay in between the activities and their staff was well-experienced ones who are always ready to help. Sohal Roy, Uttar Pradesh

5.0 Very Good

Five star is too less for the kind of experience one gets from Atlantis water sports goa. They have it all. Great location, affordable prices, value for the safety of the customers and very patient and kind instructors. As a mother of 3 kids between ages 7 and 15, you can imagine how worried a single mom like me would be when they are so excited to try the jet ski and bumper ride. But Atlantis was so kind, they allowed one more instructor to accompany us just to be safe. I cannot thank Neha and Jafar enough for the care and effort they took to ensure my kids safety. Genuine people working to make their customer’s experiences as wonderful as possible. Worth every penny spent I would say. - Aishwayrya Raj

4.9 Very Good

Experience the water waves of Goa like never before at atlantis watersports. I would recommend them 100% because of how wonderful a job they do! The monsoon water sports in goa beginner’s pack, like they say at Atlantis is definitely the jetski, the banana ride and the bumper ride. Perfect for young adventurers like me! Try them out, I bet you will love them. - Arya J

4.8 Very Good

Everybody says Bali is perfect for experiencing watersports, but I think monsoon activities in goa is magical. Atlantis watersports and I have a long relationship now and have tried everything they have. I personally love the rides, bumper ride, speed boat ride and the banana rides. For my age (I am well above 50) it is just a magical experience. The location and weather is great. Magical I would say. - George F. Elias

4.9 Very Good

Value for money and superb safety. At atlantis watersports, while my wife and daughters were enjoying their watersports activities, I was very worried about their safety. But the staff at Atlantis watersports are very caring and are well trained to take care of our safety very well. They say work known is half done, that applies to them very well. Thank you for understanding the worries of a Father and a husband and making our monsoon time in goa so memorable. - Mr. Girish K

4.8 Very Good

Get going at Atlantis! If you are a beginner and looking for a nice experience of monsoon water sports in goa at very affordable prices, then look no further than Atlantis watersports in calangute. Because this was exactly me and my girlfriend a few days ago. We just randomly picked them up because we wanted to try jet skiing for cheap. We were so worried about safety before but as soon as we met Neha our instructor, and spent just a few minutes with her while we got ready, it was clear that we were in safe and kind hands. The best decision we ever made in Goa!! - Kiran C

4.8 Very Good

After the site seeing we searched for water sports in South goa and Atlantis water sports, were the only one offered more activities at a value price. The experience offered by them was the best in the segment, I blindly suggest Atlantis to all searching for water sports in Goa. Sachin tamasa, Mumbai


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