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Trolling Fishing at Dona Paula

1 Hours
Dona Paula

Fishing in the sea by Trolling Fishing is a great way to catch fish.

Fishing in the Sea is a great day out. Have a fun day with your friends on a fishing boat in Goa with Atlantis Water Sports.

Trolling fishing in the sea is not to be confused with Trawling. The later is a form of industrial fishing, where a large net is towed behind a boat and catch large amounts of fish. Trolling a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, are baited with lures or bait. We use live bait like a large prawn, Mullet, or sardine. We carefully rig these to mimick a fish swimming in the current. These are then drawn slowly through the water either by hand or by boat. You can caste the bait out with a fishing rod and slowly wind it in. Or in this case, the lines are set at the back of the boat and the boat slowly moves. Either forward, in a circle or on a zigzag course, depending on the conditions.

What will I catch?

This method of fishing attracts predatory fish. These are the ones that actively hunt other live fish. These are generally large powerful fish such as Salmon and Kingfish, both of which can grow up to very large sizes. They are also both prized for being extremely healthy and tasty to eat. It is also possible to catch a lot of the smaller Mackerel with this method. what you will catch will depend on factors such as time of year, weather, time of day and the behaviour of the fish on any given day. We have several methods of fishing in the sea for you to enjoy during your fishing expedition, please ask about these when you are on the boat.

Dona Paula

We fish inside river Zuari, Marmagoa, Cabo bay and  River Mandovi structures, depending on various factors. In trolling we cover all most 15 to 20 km running, in-depth of 3 meters to 10 meters. Dona Paulo is a traditional Goan fishing village, on the coast 8 km from the capital of Panaji. It was named alert the daughter of the Portuguese Viceroy, Dona Paula Menezes, who fell in love with a local young man. This is where the two rivers, the Mandovi and the Zuwari merge and enter the ocean. The boat departs from the jetty to take you on your journey.

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Information :

  • Included: Fishing equipment with guide.
  • What to have with you : T-Shirt and Shorts. Sun cream, hat, sunglasses and Towel.
  • Pick up and Drop Off : Can be provided at an Additional Cost.
  • Months of Operation : October to May.
  • Environmental Tip : Please help us save the Ocean from pollution and beach litter.



1 Hours Fishing 


Please confirm at the time of booking 




What is bottom fishing?

Bottom fishing is the most common technique to catch fish that are found near the sea floor.

What are the varieties of fish that i get to catch?

Varieties of fish includes Soormai, Salmon, Mullet, Ladyfish or Catfish, Rockfish, Stingray, Guitarfish, the local Barramundi and many more.

Can I just turn up or do i have to book?

Yeah, You need to complete the booking process 24 hours prior to the date of activity.

Where is the reporting location for this activity?

You will be informed when you make your booking.


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5.0 Very Good

Trawling fishing is my favourite kind of spending time. That’s why I found this cool tour through Atlantis watersports in Goa, India. I was amazed at the number and different kinds of fish. I didn’t remember how much time I spent on the fishing. For me it was like one moment! Thank you to Charlie and Atlantis watersports, it was worth the price and some great memories of India!

5.0 Very Good

Я очень люблю рыбалку. Мы, часто с мужем уезжая на отдых, ищем место, где можно порыбачить. Приехав в Гоа, мы отправились к Атлантис, где и нашли то, что искали. Мы забронировали рыбалку. Нас забрали с отеля в 15.00 и привезли к лодке. Как же было здорово провести 4 часов за любимым делом. Все понравилось. Атлантис хорошо организовал для нас поездку. От мужа и от меня Спасибо!

5.0 Very Good

Я с братом заказали рыбалку в Атлантис Водный Спорт. Наша рыбалка по длительности была 4 часа. Но мы успели насладиться этим замечательным видом отдыха. Мы брали обычную рыбалку. Улов был не большой, но время провели замечательно. Советую эту компанию для организации вашего отдыха в Гоа, расскажут, покажут, посоветуют.

5.0 Very Good

У нас в России рыбалка пользуется особенным спросом. Места отличные и в результате уловы радуют глаз рыболова. Приехав в Гоа, у меня даже не было мысли о том ,что бы испробовать рыбалку здесь, если бы не случай. Я познакомился с парнем ,который ездил на рыбалку с Атлантис и ему все понравилось. Я решил попробовать и не промахнулся. Рыбалка прошла на отлично. Первый раз на отдыхе я рыбачил во всю. Советую всем, рыбалку с Атлантис.

5.0 Very Good

I’ve trawled in the Atlantic Ocean before and with great success so I sort of new what to expect booking a trawling fishing experience through Atlantis watersports. But nothing could really prepare me for the luck I was going to have bating fish of various sizes. One was as tall as me and I am a little over 5 feet! You better believe it!! All in all a fantastic trip and one that I’d get my friends to try on their trips here for sure. Atlantis watersports save the same area for my next trawling fishing trip.

5.0 Very Good

This was the best watersports experience for my sister and myself. My father booked a Trawling fishing experience for us through Atlantis water sports since he too loves trawling fishing. He said it was a great bargain price for all the inclusions offered by Atlantis watersports. Now I love trawling fishing too because of him and Atlantis Watersports inclusive of the fishing trip in the ocean. My English not too good but Charlie from atlantis watersports I like also so I write for him and his staff. I wish him best of luck with Atlantis and promise to come again with my friends and not my father ????

5.0 Very Good

Currently I am in Goa to learn the art of tattooing. I decided to spend my day-off by the blue waters of Sinquerim Goa in learning a new skill - trawling fishing booked through Atlantis Water Sports. Trawling Fishing is more exciting than throwing a fish net or trying to catch the fish with a fishing rod. The chilled beer provided by the accompanying Atlantis crew just added to the ambience and made it absolutely worth it. Cheers Atlantis Watersports!

5.0 Very Good

I earlier came to Goa with my school to play a football tournament and we did not have much time to roam around Goa then. Years later,this time I have come to Goa with my family and was able to do much more. Through Atlantis watersports we booked the trawling fishing trip experience which was a great value for the money spent.Great price. I loved it to the core as it allowed us to spend some quality time with family and share new adventurous experiences like fishing with Atlantis watersports at Goa. This was a new one for all of us. Thank you Atlantis Watersports for helping us make lasting memories. Love you Atlantis for this.

5.0 Very Good

Trawling fishing bahut he mashoor concept hai jo Goa ke bhetar nadiyon mein kiya jata hai. Atlantis Watersports ke saath sabse mast hai! Mujhe aur Reenu ko naye cheze karne mien bahut dilchaspe rehte hai aur yeh na sirf naya tha parantu bahut he mazedar. Enjoy kiya cold drinks aur sath machliya pakari.

5.0 Very Good

Trawling fishing and having beer are the best way to relax when in Goa, I didn’t know Atlantis watersports had trawling fishing until I met Charlie, the brains behind Atlantis Watersports. This young man convinced me to go for it and I caught a variety of fish including a whopping red snapper! The Atlantis Watersports staff being very professional and experts in the watersports field know exactly where to go for maximum game, no language barrier. Must do when in Goa India. The price too is befitting the catch.


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