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Flyboarding on Calangute Beach

20 Minutes
Calangute Beach

Flyboarding on Calangute Beach

Flyboarding is a relatively new sport, that uses new technology. Wikipedia explains it as 'A Flyboard is a brand of hydroflighting device which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard into the air to perform a sport known as hydroflying.' ( Water is pumped at very high pressure into jets that are attached to your feet and then directed downwards, which causes lift. A lot of lift and it is a skill to control yourself as you hover above the water.

New and exciting.

At Atlantis Waters Sports we are always looking for the lastest new exciting activities to offer you. This is one of the latest and we are the first to bring this to you in Goa. It is really something not to be missed and another of those 'bucket list' things to have done and experienced. For all those who were trying to figure out the cool stuff Hrithik Roshan was doing in Bang Bang, where he springs out of the water on what looked like a water jetpack, this is it!

Either on the river or the sea

We offer you a choice of either flyboarding on the river or the sea. We operate from Chopdem Jetty on the Chapora river or on Calangute Beach. Both offer the same exciting experience. We leave the choice up to you.

Safety and Excitement

Your safety is always our priority and we have an amazing team of professional and experienced instructors handling this new water sport. You must be 13 years of age or older to enjoy this activity. This is due to the safety guidelines that we strictly follow.

Information :

  • Accompanying charges: Rs. 800 per person and are entitled to following activities: Speed Boat Cruise, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding Swimming and Sunbathing!
  • What to have with you : Please carry swimwear, T-Shirt and Shorts. Sun cream, hat, sunglasses and Towel.
  • Included: Briefing session with professional instructor. Equipment rental. Safety equipment. Instructor supervised Flyboarding.
  • Environmental Tip : Please help us save the Ocean from pollution and beach litter.


Briefing Session

Upon reaching the location, a Briefing Session is imparted to all participants by our certified and professional instructors. 

Provision of Life jackets

Life Jackets mounted on to you and equipment rental  

Fly boarding Session

Enjoy your session of fly boarding which is supervised by our professional instructors  

Return with memories

Take back memories on photos and videos if applicable/chargeable.  




What quantities do I need to posses in order to do flyboarding?

You must need to know swimming, even if it is basic. You should not mind water on your face because at some point or another you might be immersed in water. You should be okay with heights.

What could keep me from going on this adventure water sport?

If you have a history of heart problems you will be requested not to go on this trip. It is also advisable for pregnant ladies to stay away from this sport.

If I have prescription glasses or I wear contacts, can I do fly boarding?

If you have to wear prescription glasses or contacts then you will have to wear a helmet to protect your face and eyes. It is also advisable to have a strap around your glasses so they stay on your nose.

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes you will have to advance booking so as to avoid last minute disappointments.

What qualities do I need to possess in order to do fly boarding?

You must need to know swimming, even if it is basic. You should not mind water on your face because at some point or another you might be immersed in water. You should be okay with heights.

Is there an age limit to do Fly Boarding?

There is a minimum age and that is 10 years, however, there is no maximum age as long as you are fit and healthy.


4.7 Excellent Add Review
4.7 Very Good

The location I was taken to try out the fly boarding was so lovely. It was a great experience and the place was so beautiful. It was a very fun event to have done this sport in such a beautiful place and especially with Atlantis water sports, it was extra fun. – Vipin Shivakumar

4.8 Very Good

Flyboarding is an experience nothing like anything else. The sport gave me such an adrenal rush and I can still imagine myself on the flying hose. It was well organised by AtlantisWatersports and they made it like a personal experience. – Josephine David

4.9 Very Good

Great use of equipments and safety gears at atlantis. They take good care of every person’s safety and it is well understood with the maintenance of gears and the professionals in the team. It was awesome doing the flyboarding sport with them. – Vyshnav Kapoor

4.9 Very Good

Had one of the best experiences flyboarding in Goa. It was great to have met Atlantis watersports in Calangute and they organised my sport so well that I still feel so wonderful when I think of it. Totally recommend them.– Prakruth S

5.0 Very Good

Best of the best. Simply to much excitement that I just can’t piut them in mere words! Can't wait to do this crazy flyboarding sport once again. The team we met was Atlantis water sports in Calangute, Goa. The crew was really helpful and the videos and photos were excellent too. The experience was something I can never forget. – Chaya Chakraborthy

5.0 Very Good

It was a bucket list check off & well worth the money. We enjoyed it so much & thecrew that operated the flyboarding and jet ski sport for us were just awesome. The beach is beautiful & it's a great time. We recommended it to everyone we came across during our visit. It's a must try!! Thank you team Atlantis!!!– AnaghaAnand

5.0 Very Good

The best trip of my life was the one I had in Goa. My son had so much fun even though my husband was after him! With the fun my son had and the hospitality of the atlantis water sports team, we felt very comfortable and like our son was placed in safe hands. I was so excited to see him fly and he must have felt like Ironman! Flyboarding is worth it. A must try if on the Island and at Goan beach. -AkshadhaShankra

5.0 Very Good

I'm not going to lie, we had our hearts set on hitting the jet skis. My brother and I decided to give it a try. It was a little unnerving at first. It requires a pretty decent ability to maintain balance and was jus blown away with the type of organisation done by Atlantis watersports in Calangute. Flyboarding is the thing, I say! – KiranModi

5.0 Very Good

Awesome! My 12 year old will be talking about his experience for a very long time! Well worth the time and money. A must do sport when it comes to flyboarding while in Goa. Thanks to atlantis watersports in Calangute. It was a very safe and fun time for my son. He just loved it so much. –Mamatha

5.0 Very Good

The instructor at Atlantis watersports was so patient and helpful, it was definitely a wonderful flyboarding experience. It definitely looks easier than it is! Betteradds to the experience if you have biking skill, skateboarding or balancing!


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