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7 Hours
Grande Island

Snorkeling in Goa

Snorkeling is a great way to see what is under the water. The state offers beautiful beaches and ocean, which is exactly what you need for this. The Indian Ocean is home to many beautiful and colourful animals and fish, you will be amazed.

What is Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is named after the tube that goes from your mouth and up above the water, this is the snorkel. The snorkel allows you to breathe while your face is underwater. The snorkel is attached to a mask. The mask is made of plastic with a glass window. The plastic mask seals onto your face stopping any water getting in. This allows you to open your eyes, look through the glass and see all the beauty around you, underwater. Normally we have our eyes closed when our face is underwater, this is what makes Snorkeling so wonderful.


It is possible to snorkel even if you cannot swim. You can enjoy Snorkeling in shallow water and you just float on the surface and look around. It can even be a good way to start to learn to swim. If you can swim you will be able to go further and explore more.

Grande Island

We take you to the famous Grande Island for your Snorkeling adventure. Your vacation in Goa will remain incomplete if you don’t visit the Grande Island. Also called the Grande Island, Ilha Grao, and the Ilha Grande, this is the best place in Goa for scuba diving and snorkelling. A visit to the Grand will remember for a long time. Grande Island is on the Arabian Sea. It is very close to Vasco da Gama, just off the coast. It is west of Vasco da Gama in the Mormugao peninsula. The only way to reach the island is by a boat because of its mid-water location. Armed with a snorkel, face mask and fins, you skim the surface of the sea for a chance to see some exotic marine life. Your body will be half-submerged in the water. Visibility is good, so you can see clearly. Snorkel a bit below the sea and you will see many colourful corals too.

Boat Trip

On the way, you will get to enjoy sightseeing from the boat like never before. You will spot the Aguada fort and jail, a millionaire’s palace and a lot of other yachts and cruises on your way to the island. The best part of this boat trip remains in the fact that you will witness end number of dolphins twisting, twirling and having fun in the Arabian Sea but again that depends on luck and nature.
On your trip, you are served light snacks, fruits and refreshments. On your return leg of the journey, you are served with packed lunch which culminates your hilarious trip with your return to the Jetty.

Information :

  • What to have with you : Please carry swimwear, T-Shirt and Shorts. Sun cream, hat, sunglasses and Towel.
  • Pick up and Drop Off : Can be provided at an Additional Cost.
  • Months of Operation : October to May.
  • Environmental Tip : Please help us save the Ocean from pollution and beach litter.



7 Hours 


8:30am to 3:30pm 




What does snorkeling mean?

Snorkeling requires you to wear swimming goggles with a snorkel i.e. a breathing tube, and a pair of swimming fins that allow you to swim on the surface of the water while facing your head down and still be able to breathe. It is a fun activity for family and friends to indulge in, that lets you explore the vibrant ocean floor.

Is there a difference between scuba diving and snorkeling?

Yes, there is. Snorkeling enables you to breathe on the water surface with your head turned towards the water, while scuba diving lets you breathe underwater.

How safe is snorkeling?

It is extremely safe as it encourages people of all ages to participate.

Does snorkeling require me to have special swimming skills?

Though a good swimmer would be more comfortable in the water, it is not necessary to have any special swimming skills as such.

Does snorkeling require special equipment?

Yes, namely three things: 1. A face mask which enables you to watch the marine life without wetting your nose and eyes, 2. A Snorkel allows you to breathe on the water surface while your head is facing down through a curved hollow tube that is fixed to your mouth, and 3. Swimming fins are artificial webbed paddles that fit on your feet like shoes and assist in swimming effortlessly.

While snorkeling, can I wear my contact lenses?

Indeed you can, however make sure to fasten your face mask carefully onto your face so as to avoid it filling with water.

Will I be able to go underwater with my snorkel?

Yes, you can with a deep breath. It is not uncommon for seasoned snorkelers to go to the ocean floor on a big gulp of air and pump out water from their snorkel’s hollow breathing tube with a powerful exhale once on the surface.

How do you insure safety while snorkeling?

At Atlantis Watersports we employ certain safety practices that assist beginners as well as experienced snorkelers. One of them is by limiting snorkeling groups to make sure every snorkeler gets one on one time with our instructors.

Is it necessary to be an experienced snorkeler?

No, it is not as our trained personnel have the expertise to cater to beginners as well as experienced snorkelers.

What is included in the fee?

The fee of our Island Trip includes all activities mentioned in its itinerary like, meals, snorkeling, snacks, drinks and local taxes.

How long does it take to reach Grande Island?

The time needed to reach the snorkeling site is approximately 1 hour.

Besides snorkeling what else can I do on the trip?

There is plenty to do besides snorkeling like, relaxing on the boat, sipping on some beer by the sea under shade, taking a dip in the sea and sunbathing, to name a few.

What time does our journey begin?

We embark on our journey from the boat jetty around 9 AM.

Is there anything in particular I should carry on this trip?

A towel, a pair of comfortable shoes with good grip (flip-flops not advised), sunscreen and sunglasses. If you are prone to sea sickness or think you may get it, we advise you to take a pill to counter it prior to us leaving the boat jetty.

Does the trip include lunch?

Yes, it does. Along with our Goan style buffet and barbeque (Chicken/Fish/Veg) we also provide an unlimited supply of beers, mineral water and soft drinks.

How do I keep myself from accidentally choking on water?

In case your snorkel gets filled with water, don’t panic, ensure you’re on the surface of the water and the snorkel is above it and then exhale powerfully to clear the water from it.

Can I snorkel even though I can’t swim?

Yes, you can. We will fasten a life jacket onto you that will help keep you afloat at all times.

What type of equipment is needed for snorkeling and do you provide it?

Yes, we provide the following equipment: life jacket, snorkel, face-mask and fishing equipment.

How long a drive is it to the boat jetty?

It is usually between 15 to 20 min depending where you stay in North Goa.

Is there a 100% guarantee that I’ll catch fish?

There is an abundance of fish in the chosen fishing spots, therefore there’s a 99.9% chances you will catch a fish.

Will I see monkeys on monkey beach?

No, this is just a name given to the beach.

What is the highlight of the entire trip?

The highlight of the trip is snorkeling and the fact that Grande Island is the only place for snorkeling in Goa.

Are alcoholic drinks provided?

Beers are not served.

Does this trip include lunch?

We provide takeaway lunch (Veg/Non-veg Biryani) that can be redeemed from a restaurant against a lunch coupon. No drinks are provided.

What type of equipment is provided for snorkeling?

Fishing equipment is not provided.


4.8 Excellent Add Review
4.9 Very Good

Never experienced hospitality so well like what I got at Atlantis water sports in Calangute. They were just such great hosts and had so much respect and concern towards all my needs. I had a super time doing snorkelling in Goa and it is something I can never ever forget. I feel lucky enough to have come to a place that offers such great deals and services worth trying. – Srivathsa Dechamma

4.8 Very Good

Great trying the sports here in Atlantis watersports because they have some of the best activities, great prices and also professional for all sports. in the end, enjoyment and safety is a guarantee. To snorkel was an enthusiastic experience and I loved every second of this sport. – Vasundhara Praveen

4.8 Very Good

er struck at this moment and I suggest that if you really want to know the experience of snorkelling, it is best to go sign up at Atlantis and enjoy it. So much made my experience unforgettable. – Aadhithya Jain

4.7 Very Good

I am a non-swimmer myself and I successfully completed the snorkelling sport with Atlantis watersports in Calangute. After doing it, I realised that anyone be it swimmer of non-swimmer can do this sport with ease and there is absolutely nothing to worry about because all their staff members are trained people and will be there for us all the time. – Aakash Chakravarthy

4.8 Very Good

Atlantis was a recommendation by a colleague of mine. He was telling me the wonders he experienced with their sports packages and services. I did not believe him until I came here and experienced a different vibe of this team. I did snorkelling and it was really an awesome adventure sport. – Kavitha Teja

4.8 Very Good

Snorkelling prices in Atlantis water sports is really affordable. Along with this, I also tried another sport of Bungee jumping and these guys gave me the best attention I could ever ask for. They had it organised well for me and it was a total wonder to try them out. – Rekha Prasad

4.9 Very Good

Happy to have come to a place where equipments are maintained in good condition and safety measures are taken seriously. Atlantis Watersports in Calangute is just the best place and a one stop destination for water sports and adventure activities. They had good and clean gears and are a very reliable team. I tried snorkeling and it was so much fun. – Shwethasree K

4.8 Very Good

Met Jafar from Atlantis Water Sports and he told me and my friends about the services they offer. We were so interested to give it a try and chose to go snorkelling. It was a breath-taking experience and we are thankful to the whole team. – Sushma Purohit

4.7 Very Good

Been longing to try and snorkel from quite a long time. It was perfect this year when I went to Goa. Beautifully executed by Atlantis watersports in Goa. They had one of the best staff members and great equipments. The location was a master blaster. – Sindhuja Gosh

4.8 Very Good

Enjoyed snorkelling to the core. It was great fun to do it with atlantis water sports. They provided me with good and clean equipments, guided properly and took me to a wonderful location to try this sport. – RakshaRoy


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